With our experience and knowledge of overhead wiring, Donnelly Rail Systems can be technical authors for feasibility studies and other technical documents. We are subject matter experts when it comes to overhead wiring so we can advise on design options and integrate the latest best practice.


Compliance to relevant standards and regulations is a crucial part of engineering and doing the right thing. Part of the process for engineering assurance is ensuring that a design considers best practice and many of the lessons learnt on previous projects comes through technical standards. Donnelly Rail Systems has experience with working to standards and can provide support to make sure that a design is compliant.

constructability and staging

Interfaces between the new works and the existing system can always lead to multiple issues during construction. Furthermore, designers with limited construction experience do not necessarily consider constructability in their designs, making them unnecessarily difficult or impossible to complete. With our experience in design and construction, we can assist with identifying these issues before they reach construction. We can provide amended or staging designs to provide construction with solutions they can complete within short possession times.

Independent Verification

We “measure twice, cut once”, so checking work against what the stakeholders want is part of the way we work on our projects. We consider it good practice to have someone unrelated to the project confirm that the decisions which have been made are suitable and follow the right principles. In the UK, this is not required by the standards for OLE design, however it is required for Transport for NSW. We are competent to do formal reviews as required in NSW and informal reviews for good practice purposes in the UK.


Donnelly Rail Systems has experience with assessing the condition of OHW in the network. We can assist with confirming if a part can be retained and replaced later for cost savings or if it is close to the end of its life and would be more efficient to replace.

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