At Donnelly Rail Systems, we can provide well considered concept designs. We provide value engineering to get the most out of the project for everyone. We engage stakeholders early in the process to make sure that their needs are considered and met and so that we all win together. We present options and recommend the best solution with solid engineering backing.


We consider interfaces to be one of the most complex and high risk areas in design. If not done correctly or accurately, there is a high likelihood of lost time and lost money. Our designs utilise digital engineering and BIM to be able to capture how our design will interface with the various assets in the surrounding rail environment. We believe that this assists with ensuring that our work remains suitable for future whole of life requirements and provides value to the client and other stakeholders.

Handback & Asbuilts

Management of an asset after design is critical for ensuring that maintenance, future projects in the area, and any incidents can be managed efficiently. To assist with this, we can produce non-compliance reports and asbuilts for handback to the asset owner, informed by site survey where required. We use due diligence checks when completing our work to ensure that what we document adequately matches what is out on site.


We take a concept design and take it through the detailed design process. We instigate a value engineering session to confirm that the concept design is the best solution forward considering the asset’s whole of life. At Donnelly Rail Systems, we produce an accurate and informed design solution that is robust and well interfaced. We maintain client engagement throughout design process to ensure that the client can be kept aware and input into the design at every stage to ensure the final design meets expectations.

Safety in Design

Our decisions can impact, not just on the safety of site staff but also the public. We incorporate CDM requirements and CSM-RA requirements to provide robust risk assessments with practicable management or elimination of hazards. Our digital engineering techniques assist with this process to ensure that our design decisions consider the whole of life of the asset.

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