Active Design Delivery

We use the flexibility of our design team and our unique resource pool to reduce the timescale in programmes. We lead design delivery without compromising quality or safety standards. Our way of working means that we can work faster to help the client get it done.

Site Survey

We can do both “boots on ballast” or desktop studies, such as the analysis of videos, point clouds, and photos, to assist with surveys. This includes OLE surveys, asset condition assessments, progress reviews and signal sighting assessments. Each type of survey and site has unique considerations and may not always be a desktop study only, however if practicable we will aim to reduce physical site access to eliminate exposure to site related hazards, reduce management of site access, and increase the speed of results.


We can assist with the production of isolation diagrams and instructions, site inspections, pantograph profile checks and clearance assessments as part of the commissioning phase of a project.

Project Engineering

We can provide engineering support in the construction phase of design delivery. We combine our experience in construction with the benefits from our digital engineering techniques and innovative methods to provide best practice technical support during construction. We can also assist with logistics and material planning.

Inspection & Test Plans

We have experience in the production, review and execution of inspection test plans. We can manage the whole process of ITPs to support the project handback phases.

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