The Website is Live

Donnelly Rail Systems has set up a website!

Please take some time to check it out, and if you think we could do something better, please let us know!

We’ve included a section talking about our team (yes, all two of us) and the DRS Formula. We know it’s not the most unique set of values that a company has ever produced, but we mean it and we intend to live by it. That means that you have our permission to hold us to it!

As with most websites, we’ll be using it to announce the latest and greatest news we have. Like this news…of finally having a website…

But as per our Formula, we do the right thing, and for us that means sharing knowledge and helping set a high standard across the industry. We already have a few ideas on things we want to write about, including:

  • The pressures engineers are under, especially during covid

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

  • “Wellbeing” and why it’s important

So please keep an eye out for our future updates and if there’s anything you’d want to know more about, just let us know!

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